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Cliff's Food Wagon

Cliff's Food Wagon was founded in 2008 in Odessa, Texas. We started the business in an effort to help some Youth Group students attend  Bible School. All 5 Students were enrolled that same year and the business kept growing from there. In 2014 Funnel Cakes were added to the menu and our business grew even bigger. Food Trucks were somewhat obsolete in West Texas until that same year when the food truck scene began to boom. Our Truck continues to grow in an ever changing industry with our eyes set on Regional and Statewide Expansion in the near future. 


Cliff brought his food truck to Garden City for an event on Friday and then catered hors d’oeuvres for another event on Saturday.
We couldn’t be more pleased.
The food was great and just what we ordered.
Cliff and his staff were good to work with, accommodating and friendly.
I highly recommend them for your next catering or food truck event!

—  Kim Trotter Halfmann, June 2018

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